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  1. Hey @tuanphan! I tried this and also changing the second part to: $(document).ready(function() { var theLink = '<a href="/home"></a>'; $('#collection-5eb455642e76d059750cb28f div[data-compound-type="logo"]').wrap( theLink ); }); But unfortunately neither are working. I suspect the second not to work because the collection is the entire page? The website is https://www.taylorday.social/welcome and the link is to go to https://www.taylorday.social/home . Just trying to get the logo on the cover page to be clickable. Thanks!
  2. Hi @tuanphan! This worked for 1 section on my homepage. When I copy and pasted the text a second time and changed the data section ID nothing showed up. I tried your alternative of calling the div#block mentioned below which showed a background image but the padding around the block itself cuts off the background image. How do I go about changing the mobile backgrounds for different sections? site: https://mackerel-wolverine-cfbm.squarespace.com/ pass: villa
  3. Site URL: https://mackerel-wolverine-cfbm.squarespace.com/ Site: https://mackerel-wolverine-cfbm.squarespace.com/ Password: villa **The only custom CSS I have on this site is adding in custom fonts and adjusting padding on a specific block so I do not believe it's affecting by inability to do this** I've seen many forum posts adjusting the underline under behaviour and colour but I am unable to make any of them work with my site. What I am trying to achieve is a thick orange block "underline" under my active navigation item. Whether it be the underline itself that becomes thicker or a background colour that is behind, I don't care I just want to make it work. This is what I want my header to look like when on an active page: Instead I am unable to manipulate this header:
  4. @andersen.lucy's code worked for me! But I also figured out that it has to do with the line height of your site navigation font. It's not actually a strike through but the active underline on the "next" line. I found any line height is set to 0em or lower will put the underline through your word. So you'd go through Fonts > Advanced > Site Navigation you'll be able to remove that easily :)
  5. Site URL: https://sparrow-piano-jh6p.squarespace.com/rewards Hey there! The password to the above site is villamadina. I used this code to make some coloured text boxes. <div id="overlay"><div class ="blue"> <h2><span class= "headeroverlay-white">my text here</span></h2> </div> <style> .blue { background: #005ba9; padding: 10px; text-align: center; } </style> The "headeroverlay-white" is just "colour:white" in my custom css. When I'm in squarespace it looks fine but I just checked the site in incognito and found for some reason all the boxes are getting smaller? How do I fix this? Thanks!
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