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  1. Thank you so very much @tuanphan. This worked! So appreciative of your help!
  2. Thanks @tuanphan! Sure - if that's the best available solution, I would love the code for that. I'm thinking the 2 columns would be only for iPad/tablet-width screens. iPhones automatically go down to 1 column which is fine and I'd like to leave 4 columns for desktop. Does that make sense?
  3. Site URL: https://www.karenlefrak.com/symphonic-compositions Hi! The text for audio players unfortunately isn't designed to wrap (as I understand it). This is a problem for Karen LeFrak's website (https://www.karenlefrak.com/symphonic-compositions) as on smaller screens (namely iPad, but also if you make a desktop browser width smaller) the text flows outside of the audio player box. I'm attaching a screenshot as an example. I contacted Squarespace about this problem and they said it is just the way it is, so I need to please find a coding solution. Any help is MUCH appreciated. I'
  4. Site URL: https://finch-deer-tt6j.squarespace.com Hi! I am trying to set a carousel summary to autoplay on the homepage. For context (if it helps) I put quotes in separate blog posts and then created a summary carousel to display them. Currently, it does not move through the different quotes (i.e. "blogs") automatically. There is just a small navigation scroller above it to manually scroll through them (see image below). Can anyone help? The website is using version 7.1. It is in the trial phase still so I cannot make it public yet. I can provide the password if needed to access i
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