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    SharpeAero got a reaction from astik69 in Quantity Discount threshold   
    I just also left a ticket with customer support live chat. The more that do it, the more likely it will be to be implemented. This is such a basic feature of ecommerce for business-to-buisness models. I really hope this happens soon.
    My current workaround is to create a password protected product page for each individual reseller that I work with. They contact me with a quantity order request, I update the price of the product on their reseller page, then tell them to go ahead and order. It's a terrible user experience for them and a lot of tedious work for me, but it's the only real workaround right now. I also have an on demand ordering relationship with my manufacturer, so I don't have to worry about inventory counts which makes this doable. For most, this might not be a viable option.
    I originally wanted Squarespace over Shopify because it's easier to make a beautiful, highly professional looking website, but the ecommerce tools have really fallen short so far.
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    SharpeAero reacted to SarahElizabeth in Quantity Discount threshold   
    I have raised this as a feature request with customer support, the more people who do so will encourage them to add it to their priority list.
    I am in dire need of this feature!
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    SharpeAero reacted to deliriou5 in Quantity Discount threshold   
    They should do what Shopify does and get developers to create apps, plugins at a small cost to add further shopping functions etc.
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    SharpeAero reacted to paul2009 in Quantity Discount threshold   
    There is no solution for this yet. The only workaround is the post above.
    Squarespace do not monitor this forum for product feedback, so if you want to make them aware of this issue or raise it as a feature request, please open a ticket through Customer Support. 
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    SharpeAero reacted to deliriou5 in Quantity Discount threshold   
    Me too. I need price variants based on quantities up to 1000 products. This should be a main feature as ecommerce generally allows bulk discounts. I cant input a different price for 1000 products manually.
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    SharpeAero reacted to BriGuy in Quantity Discount threshold   
    I need this feature too! Argggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please SS - make this happen!
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    SharpeAero reacted to siweisong in Quantity Discount threshold   
    Is there anything squarespace can do to help with this? 
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    SharpeAero reacted to JamesLD in Quantity Discount threshold   
    Just a quick update - the external coder I contacted about this confirms that there's no CSS workaround for the discount functionality being discussed here, despite SquareSpace suggesting this route to me.
    I have been pointed to consider Shopify Buy and link products from there back to the SquareSpace site but this of course involves further monthly cost and is a workaround that is not ideal at all. 
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    SharpeAero reacted to JamesLD in Quantity Discount threshold   
    I have just had a support query answered on this and there isn't any way to offer multi buy/quantity threshold discounts.
    I'm looking to offer a "buy 3 and get the third for $X" or X% off on our website but there is no way to do this. The benefit of having this as a discount option is the ability to manage inventory effectively so that if people buy 3 of our single products and receive a discount on the third, the single product inventory still gets updated. 
    There was a suggestion to just offer a discount if someone spends over the amount that 3 products cost but unfortunately we have different variants (size) and it wouldn't be able to account for that. They also suggested adding a new separate product that was just the bundle - then buyers could selected the variants from a drop down but this doesn't work in practice as the variants end up being too many to manage AND they don't link up to inventory of the single product pages. This would then mean having to continually update the single product stock level after every 3 product set was bought.
    I have asked this to be considered as a feature requested but based on the lack of responses on here to these queries that I can see, I don't know if it's a priority.
    They have finally suggested looked at custom CSS code for this and I'm looking into this now and will report back if I get anything that may work. Similarly if anyone on here can think of a way to create custom CSS to implement these quantity discounts, please let me know!!
    I know Shopify have their app store with products that offer this functionality - it's a pretty common e-commerce offering to be honest and I was quite surprised SquareSpace didn't have a way to offer it when I went to try and add it. Oh well!
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    SharpeAero reacted to KerryBrooks in Quantity Discount threshold   
    Hi guys,
    Did this ever go any further?
    I need to apply a discount to quantities on a winery website - there needs to be an option to make a mixed case of wine for 10% off.
    Any suggestions?
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    SharpeAero reacted to clearcutmethod in Quantity Discount threshold   
    Yeah thats no good but thank. I do bulk, so were talking of items from 1-50 and then a price break for 50-100 and then 100+. Thats way inefficient. 
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    SharpeAero reacted to ThompsonWebDesign in Quantity Discount threshold   
    Yes and no. You can but it is going to be a lot of work.
    The solution is to use variants. So the variant title would be called Quantity. Then each variant would be a different quantity, 1, 2, 3... You would then price each variant accordingly. But like I said this is a lot of work, you won't be able to keep track of inventory, updating prices will be tedious and each variant will need its own SKU.
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    SharpeAero reacted to clearcutmethod in Quantity Discount threshold   
    Ive looked and came up empty handed. Is there a way to add thresholds pricing to quantities on items? For example, if you buy 1-10 of product A, its $15.99, but if you buy 10-20 of product A, they are 12.99. etc etc. I need a way to set the thresholds, and then hope that it also calculates it.
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