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  1. Does Squarespace have an Events collection?
  2. Correct, there is no way to duplicate, copy, undo, revise to a previous version, or recover deleted pages. These are all must-haves. Aside from that, the user persmissions are so radically different now, there isn't a way to lockout the public without password protected pages. I hope it's high on the priority list. Good news is that there are ways to handle this on the Developer Platform because of the increased control of where and "when" to display things. I'm doing this now on a number of sites...
  3. Yes you're right. Re-creating the page would be required. This was very easy on V5 because the entire page content was containing in field and you could just copy and paste the entire source code into a new page. This isn't available on V6 yet, unfortunately...
  4. For default templates: I would recommend just creating a brand new page in your "Not LInked" navigation area and setting it up exactly how you need. When finished, swap that page into your nav and take out the other, then swap the URL slugs. This is actually the method I've been using since Squarespace V5, and it seems to work well. For the developer platform: This is incredibly easy on Developer Platform when you understand how to use it. You could create a "maintenance" or "temporary" layout, or you could just use a combination of layouts & CSS to make sure no one is able to see what
  5. Unfortunately not. Squarespace V5 had fantastic contributor/permission settings, but that didn't get carried over to V6 just yet. No word if, or when, it will ever show up in V6. I would love to have finer control over contributors though...
  6. It's very difficult to seamlessly embed a Shopify store into a Squarespace website. When you use Shopify, you're essentially running an entirely different website, and you should design and style your Shopify store to match your Squarespace site and create a seamless experience when your visitors click over to your store. Remember, when you run a Shopify store alongside of your Squarespace site, you'll be creating a general Link that just links over to your Shopify page in the navigation. Shopify does offer embeddable product widget and various thing but honestly they aren't great. I've tried
  7. To disable YouTube's "Related Videos" from showing up when using a YouTube URL, add ?rel=0 at the end of your URL. Example: Before pasting into Squarespace, add ?rel=0 to the URL: ?rel=0Note: You can paste the original URL into the Squarespace Video Block FIRST, and then add your ?rel=0 at the end, but make sure that Squarespace "refreshes" the video in your post. If it doesn't refresh, Squarespace will not pick up your change (adding the ?rel=0). A quick trick I do is paste in your normal URL, then type ?rel=0 at the end of the URL, then "Select All", "Cut" and "Paste" into the box.
  8. I had posted the answer, which I thought worked, but looks like it only worked on 2 of my videos. I'll answer again if I figure it out...
  9. When embedding video with the Squarespace Video Block, you'll notice that grabbing any Youtube Video's URL, including the official Youtube "Share" Link, will normally cause Youtube to display "Related Videos" at the end. This is because Youtube doesn't offer a quick way to disable that when using the Share URL like they do when you use the Embed Code. So after you grab your Youtube Share URL and paste it into your Squarespace Video Block, add this directly to the end: ?rel=0 Normal Youtube Share Link Example: What it should look like in Squarespace (add the ?rel=0 yourself).
  10. When embedding YouTube videos with the Squarespace Video Block, YouTube will display "Related Videos" at the end. How can I disable that?
  11. Ack HTML block. Basically I used the JSON tags to make my Folder Name link to a page that has the same URL slug. In my scenario above, I'm doing it for Categories and not Pages.
  12. Site isn't live yet. I basically added something like this to my navigation.block (a href="/?category={collection.title|url-encode}">{collection.navigationTitle}
  13. I'd like to place a few Categories into a folder, and have the Main Link (the Folder itself) actually link to a Category too. How is that possible? Example: I need the Folder Link (Decorate) to actually take people to the Category for Decorate so I don't have to list it inside of the Folder. So basically my question is how do I turn the Folder Link into an actual link? I saw your other thread about this but it doesn't work if the links are External Links, which these are... Thanks!
  14. There is nothing on the shelf that would add that functionality, but with the Developer Platform, you could certainly create something pretty decent with the tools available right now.
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