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  1. @tuanphan Any ideas on how to make all .sqs-block-image appear two side by side on mobile instead of stacked?
  2. I am using York template which unfortunately does not have this option. I might just have to photoshop images and text together so they don't adjust in mobile. Very icky but it seems like the only option besides leaving squarespace altogether. Hard to believe you can't make two or three images display side by side and retain sizes and spaces between them. If only it were that simple.
  3. Site URL: https://www.maxwellflick.com Hi, For the most part I have been able to add squarespace custom css to give my site the look I want but I am completely stumped on this mobile view issue. I want to have the content on mobile view look exactly like the content on the desktop version. On the page https://www.maxwellflick.com/portraits the desktop view is perfect but switching over to mobile view it throws away the space blocks and jumbles together the images and text to display in a single column. Is there a code that exists to disable the mobile view and tablet view comp
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