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  1. It actually works! But only for on the "shop the look" page under Natural Oasis, Furniture. How can I do this for all the products for every page? Is there a way to add a little space in between the 2 columns of the products, they look a bit too close together. Also, the "see all" button after the Natural Oasis Furniture category looks too close to the product above, is there a way to space it out? Thank you so much! I appreciate your help!
  2. Thank you, but I don't think it worked. It didn't change the one column to two columns on the mobile.
  3. Site URL: https://www.fidesignshome.com/ How do I make all my product pages + Shop the look and Last chance page have two columns of product instead of one for both products and related products on only the mobile view? Thanks in advance. Esther
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