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  1. You have been a tremendous help. This is perfect, thank you so much!
  2. Thanks for your assistance! I'm not sure if you needed the Squarespace url or the live domain so I supplied both (i'm new to this forgive me). I can make the website temporarily password protected and give you access if you need. https://blueberry-quillfish-fn9c.squarespace.com/config/ https://www.claritylifeinsurance.com/
  3. Afternoon all, I searched through the forums to find a relevant fix but couldn't find any, if there is one I apologize for double posting. I am trying to create a disclaimer pop-up using the promotional pop-up feature, however, the text is lengthly so it makes the popup fit the height of the page which isn't preferred. Is it possible for the text to be limited to an area, so the user can scroll through the body of the text within the pop-up? "image1" shows how it is currently when I try to place the text within the body of the pop-up. "image2" shows how I would like the p
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