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  1. I want to know if it is hard to do the change from WordPress to Squarespace? I have some experience with WordPress and I have a lot of plugins that work only for WordPress because these plugins are custom made. Will those plugins work for Squarespace? Where can I get more information about Squarespace? Is here someone that would like to tell me more about it? I have some questions. Do you need to have your own host? I am using at the moment a host that I found here m2media.com.au . At the moment I want to make a change and I want to know if it is worth it to migrate to Squarespace.
  2. So have you solved that issue dude? I mean i had some sort of a problem with the seo on my site, and i couldn't understand what was it all about to be honest. Anytime you inset more than 15 chacharacters into the search engine it just, crashes in a way. Some guys from a seo services tried to explain me what happened but i didn't understand sh*t. However they have done everything and now it all working properly. They were telling me something about rank mogul, i had no f*cking idea what was that, and i do not know even today, if you know guys please tell me.
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