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  1. I recently encountered a similar problem. My site has lost a very large number of users in a few days and has fallen in the ranking in the Google search engine. I contacted an seo promotion company to solve this problem and after a full analysis of the site I was told that I chose the wrong method to promote my site, which caused it to fall in the ranking and I had to start promoting it again. I was very surprised that during the week of their work, my site rose in the ranking in the Google search engine and was even higher than before contacting the SEO Agency.
  2. I can't remember, but I know that my friend have a site and he created a thing like this, I saw how he was doing this but I really can't remember. I should ask him and after I will write down here. If you have any questions I you can write me and I will give you his email in case you want to ask something related to online casinos or something like that. He was working on a project sponsored by a rich australian that wanted to have his own online casino. If you're interested how it looks and you want to take some ideas, you can access this site.
  3. Looks pretty nice. To be honest I am not a specialist in this domain but I work with something related to this. Due to my experience I can tell you that it is not that secure to set a simple password system. Yes, it is easy to set up and you need little administration, but you have no control over who has access to the site (password can be shared, and there is no personal login), no password recovery mechanism and everybody has the same level of access. So think about it. In addition, I am working with automatic driver updaters, so if someone is interested, you're welcome to message me.
  4. Bump it!It's quite interesting tips for me. I know that SEO is a big area of marketing which helps to get more popular the website, however, I think it's best to have a specialist which would help to make the website more better than you do. Since I've had experience with SEO Manchester agency that helped to make my website better, I think it's better to get know the marketing industry and digital industry since this knowledge can make your skills better, even if you know a lot about SEO techniques. Actually SEO manchester agency https://dynamicsdigital.co.uk has helped a lot, since I got a lot of popularity due the fact of improving the rank in search systems.
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