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  1. Hi @tuanphan, have you had a chance to look at this? Thanks a lot!
  2. Thanks! https://grape-bobcat-8kb2.squarespace.com/config/pages PW trial Also, is there a snippet for varying the font weight in the sentence?
  3. Thanks for a great code @tuanphan, the animation is beautiful! However, I also have trouble with it breaking the full width of the background image, and deleting part of the code only prevents the code from interfering with the text color. Any clues is appreciated!
  4. I'd like this to work for me too. But I get a #collection value, not data section id. Is that why I can't get the code to work? Thanks!
  5. Yes that fixed it – thanks so much!!
  6. Yes – two projects, one with a background and the other without.
  7. https://www.oglilleby.no/tcm-statoil It might be smaller now but if I were to remove the background there will be lots of white space. As you can see here https://www.oglilleby.no/roede
  8. Hi, does this apply to 7.1 as well? I have the excact same problem but the code doesn't do anything. Thanks!
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