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  1. is there a way to make the summary carousel loop/repeat items when you get to the end but not autoplay?
  2. Right now, the opacity is affecting the image and the text. I want the text to not be affected by the opacity (so full color text whether you're hovering or not).
  3. Was also interested in seeing what vertical captions/descriptions would look like. How could I do that with these?
  4. This worked to get rid of the captions on home page! And Brandon's code worked well. I'm almost there. The only other thing I want to change is to have the description/title not affected by the overlay opacity. Or at least have the description opacity be different. The Javascript you gave me works to change the color and size of the text but I'm already able to do that with brandon's code. Unless I'm missing something or the purpose of that javascript?
  5. Also, file names are now showing on my logo slideshow on the home page too. How can I keep titles/captions on the "Work With Me" page and off of the logos on the home page?
  6. Got words on the pictures, but trying to customize placement a bit more and what the actual words are. Also, how can I make the words not be affected by the overlay opacity? Can you check out my code I've added in the site? cherieore.com, password is password
  7. I have them set up to link to something, that's not a problem. But actually putting a caption/title over top of each image, i can't figure out. Adding a description and turning on captions on the grid shows what I entered but it's under the image. I want it on top of the image and to be able to edit placement, font, size, color, etc.
  8. PERFECT, thank you so much! Any idea how to add text/titles on each image in the gallery? Would like to be able to customize the title's size, font and color obviously, but I should be able to play around with that after getting the initial code. Thanks again for all your help.
  9. Perfect and yes, got the color too. Wanting to add a title onto each picture in the grid. Also, trying to figure out code to have the images zoom a bit on hover, but still stay inside the container. Essentially, want the size of pic to be same, just zoomed in a bit.
  10. Ah, my bad. Knew I was kinda blanking on where to put that in. I've put in links now but it's still not clickable. Wondering if it has to do with it being masonry grid? Also wanted to follow up, how can I invert the hover colors (all dark, full color on hover) and add custom titles?
  11. Am I able to make the images clickable to a link as well? Don't want to add buttons, just titles and/or descriptions
  12. Perfect. Still not quite centered. And the background change isn't full width.
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