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  1. Hey all! Can anyone suggest a good form builder that I can integrate easily with SS, ideally not with Zapier. I am looking for an app that will allow users to sign up for a newsletter or other request, and I want to be able to customize the reply back to them via an autoresponder (which may have a link in it), and also allow users to upload files on some forms.. Thanks!
  2. Hey guys, how to increase the padding on top of the banner headline and text and also below it? Will the padding work on mobile as well? Thanks!
  3. Hi, how do we change the Main Intro Banner height in Hayden theme? I would like to increase the height (applicable to Desktop and Mobile). Cheers. Site - https://earthworm-prism-36ks.squarespace.com Password - 12345q
  4. Link - https://earthworm-prism-36ks.squarespace.com password: 12345q
  5. Hey Tuanphan, this worked perfectly on desktop, but what about Mobile version, on mobile the main to-level folder name shows with a + next to it but when you click the + the drop down links do not appear.. any solution for this? Cheers! P.S. I am using Hayden (same file as Bedford I think).
  6. Hey thanks, I figured out Q1. Q2 lets leave it cheers.
  7. Hey guys, Is there any way to have a sticky navigation in Brine for Desktop? Also is there a way to have the logo change (for example I would like to change the site main logo image to a symbol type logo when the user scrolls down the page.. its a cool effect!)... Thanks and if anyone can share the code for this would be super!
  8. Hey thanks a lot! 🙂 Well the excerpt is just the text on the main blog page under the - https://lion-terrier-nhwy.squarespace.com/blog For example it is the text under the image and under Products Im loving... Also, how do I change the Read More > link font? Cheers!
  9. And here is the main blog page - https://lion-terrier-nhwy.squarespace.com/blog Thanks!
  10. Hey! The site isn't done yet.. but here is the link... https://lion-terrier-nhwy.squarespace.com/blog/seattle-guide password nate123
  11. Also the code to change the Blog Excerpt font please
  12. Hi guys, I am using Brine theme. How do I change the fonts (using custom) for my blog for the Meta Font (which shows my name and date) and the List Title Font (at bottom of page (Next, Previous)? Thanks!
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