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  1. Site URL: https://zeronineobjects.co.uk hi, i need help with changing the font size for 'material' and contents of the dropdown menu in the store once selected to be 16px and i would like them all to be in lowercase too also in the cart page i would like the 'material: (option)' to be in lowercase and font size 16px thank you!
  2. hi @creedon sorry to bother but is there anyway you can help me out with this? i'm looking to launch my site this weekend and would love some help with this!
  3. Site URL: https://zeronineobjects.co.uk hi, a) how do i make the title 'shopping cart' centred on the cart page on desktop and also on mobile b) when i open the store on mobile, the title 'store' is to the left. i'd like it to be centred if that is possible c) i currently have the + to x menu icon and i would like it to be smaller to 14px password is zeronine thank you :~)
  4. so i managed to find this in the inspect element and i changed the colours and its worked but im not sure how to make the button invert when you hover over it. id like the button to turn to the grey colour and the font to be white like this:
  5. this only changed the font colour, i'd like the button even the frame to be the grey then when you hover it inverts like on the /about page with the delivery and return button. this is the colour code i found in the inspect element #434446;
  6. thank you so much for helping! is it possible to add this background to the dropdown menu on the mobile version? and how to make the word 'store' on the store page on the mobile version centered as it is on the left side at the moment
  7. Site URL: https://zeronineobjects.co.uk hi, im having an issue with the 'store' button on my homepage. it has turned white for some reason and i cant get it to be dark grey like the other buttons that are on my 'about' page. i've checked the colour palette and there is nothing white selected so i'm not sure how to change it password is zeronine
  8. hey, so the lowercase bit worked but the font size hasn't thank you for helping me with all of this
  9. thank you so much! i will check back on monday about that sorry one more question, i was wondering you can help me with a custom css for the font in the cart a) when the cart is empty, i would like the message that appears to all be in lowercase (you have nothing in your shopping cart. continue shopping) b)when there is an item in the cart, the font to be smaller to 14px across the entire contents of the cart table and the word 'subtotal' to be in lowercase too
  10. thank you that worked, and i managed to find the url for the image i wanted is there any way i can do this to the cart too?
  11. Site URL: https://zeronineobjects.co.uk hi i'm having an issue with the background on my store page, i can't add an image as the background on the /store page and the individual product pages id like it to match the rest of my site and not look so empty, is there i ccs code i need to input to allow me to add a background? thank you
  12. also for this, the font of the number has changed but not the word 'quantity', how to change the size of that too? on the store page, i would like the size of the prices to be smaller to 16px once an item has been added to the cart, i would like the word 'Adding' and 'Added!' to all be in lowercase in the cart page, i would like all the font to be 16px, at the moment everything is different font sizes and looks messy when there is an item in the cart. also for the word 'Subtotal' to be in lowercase too when the cart is empty, the message 'You have nothing in your cart. Continue Shopping' how do i make it so that it is all lowercase? sorry for so many questions but thank you!
  13. thank you so much tuan! for question 2 yes i would like the background to cover the header main content and footer just like all other pages
  14. Site URL: https://zeronineobjects.squarespace.com hi, i have a few things i'm stuck with a) how can i get the cart icon size to 15px, the lowest i can put it is 25px and i'd like it to match the instagram icon which is 15px so it looks cleaner b) how can i change the background on the store page to an image like the rest of my pages but it wont allow me to do it in the same way c) on the store page, how can i make the font size of the number you select, 'quantity' and 'add to cart' smaller to size 16px d) on the store page, the padding on the buttons around add to cart and the quantity selection box smaller to 0.9rem e) also once in the shopping cart, how can i change the shopping cart title to lowercase and to font size 16px the password is zeronine thank you!
  15. Site URL: https://yasminvafif.squarespace.com/artefacts/concrete-resin-and-rubber hi was wondering how to make the font size smaller on the captions of the images in the slideshow gallery to the same font size as the rest of the page. the font size i use is 0.7rem if that helps? thank you! 🙂
  16. thank you and the dropdown menu on mobile is still avaliable
  17. hey, does anyone know how to make the font smaller on the drop down menu on mobile version? also for the mobile version, the home page is high up into the header. how do i bring this down? thank you 🙂
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