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  1. Yeah I tried this on a Grid gallery and it didn't work by itself. Also tried .sqs-gallery-block-grid .meta { display:block !important; } with no luck...
  2. @mrneilsmith Sorry about that. I was banging my head all last night trying to figure out a solution myself and forgot to convert the Test page back. I did check my homepage and the title/description were on the images. Not sure why they aren't showing up in the code. To answer your theory, my Test page was a new page that I only added the grid gallery to just to experiment with. Hmm...not sure but this is stomping me. Thank you so much for all of you help. I love your site BTW. Tried to figure out how you did your slideshow hover/opacity to no avail. Perhaps it is a template issue.
  3. I'm having this exact same issue getting text to appear on Gallery - Grid like everyone else. It allows you to input text to each image but the text (title) or (description) doesn't appear like it does for the Slideshow. I tried using the above CSS but it didn't work for me either. Looking at the code (browser dev tools) it appears the HTML/CSS code is in there to display the text but it just isn't working. If anyone can provide a fix either via CSS or from Squarespace itself that would be VERY welcome. Link to my gallery http://everydaydigitals.com/test
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