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  1. Site URL: http://www.amybrammall.com Hi Hoping you can help! Is it possible to pull the gallery content up and behind the header on Zion 7.1? I don't want a white bar there at all. Heres a screen grab to show what I mean. Thanks
  2. Did either of you ever find an answer to this? @PatrickC @Josephmwood
  3. Site URL: http://www.amybrammall.com Hi everyone! Wondering if you can help with this please? My site: www.amybrammall.com is a Carson template from 7.0. I love how it works and looks but I cannot have lightbox in this template so I am forced to moved to 7.1 and Zion. I would really like it to look exactly the same but I can't get it right. One: On Zion, is it possible to have an index slideshow that always shows up 'Overview, Commissioned, Personal' and the images behind are the only thing that moves ala my original site? Two: On Zion, Can I remove the white header and have it transparent and move the images up of the gallery so that the logo and site links are not on any banner whatsoever and hovers over the images itself ala my original site The Carson site I have now is perfect bar the lightbox issues and Squarespace tells me that a lightbox isn't possible but is getting Zion exactly like Carson possible? Thanks in advance!
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