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  1. Site URL: https://www.gretelcreative.com.au/ Hi all, Is there a way to hide product pages from indexing? Most other pages have the ability via page settings>seo. This is an example of the page I would like to not be indexed: https://www.gretelcreative.com.au/get-started/p/brand-creation-management-basic. Any help would be much appreciated. Regards,
  2. Hi, Does 7.1 have any manual settings for this? I know it's most probably not but I thought I would check anyway 🙂
  3. Hi all, I am moving a website over to square space (template 7.1), this is the website I am moving: http://www.allconstruct.com.au/. I am needing side navigation on some pages (top and side nav) example here; http://www.allconstruct.com.au/highgate-hill-design-build Is there a solution for this in square-space 7.1? I don't mind attempting either: Coding this in to the template direct. Adding a solution via the code injection tool or custom CSS sections other? Side navigation really helps with with website for large civil contracting companies. Please note: I created all the fly-out and side navigation on the example website by coding the template directly.... but I understand you can't do this in 7.1, is that correct? Thanks you in advance. Regards, Tonga.
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