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  1. Yes this works for grid gallery!! Thank you! https://asunsoakedsky.com/landscapes On this page. I added the code block you said, above the gallery slideshow, and I can't see the images.
  2. I added this code block above my gallery block and I can't see the images.
  3. Cheers, the grid one you have to open the images in their lightbox to view title.
  4. Sure thing: Grid: https://asunsoakedsky.com/ Slideshow: https://asunsoakedsky.com/landscapes
  5. Site URL: https://asunsoakedsky.com/ Hi there, I'm having some trouble with image titles and their visibility on my site. Every single image on my site has a title that I've typed in. The titles aren't visible on mobile in portrait rotation. I use two different image blocks on my site; the grid gallery, and the slideshow. Grid: (USED ON THE LANDING PAGE) These titles are a hover feature and don't show up at all on mobile phone. Is there a way I can remove the hover function and have them just there on the image like it shows on the slideshow? Slideshow: (USED ON LANDSCAPES,
  6. Hey there! The heading text in my order confirmation page is overlapping ON THE PHONE VIEW. I think I've gone through all of the font data to find any letter spacing out of the ordinary, but it is all set at 0em. Can someone please help?
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