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  1. Site URL: http://www.arch-worldwide.com/shop-all Hello, I'd like to align the Products description excerpt to center it with the title but keeping the text align left. I've managed to make the excerpt textbox a certain max width with the code below, but I'm struggling to find a way to align it center within its column. I tried vertical-align: middle !Important; but it didn't work. .ProductItem-details-excerpt { text-align: left; max-width: 500px !Important; }
  2. @RyanDejaegher I COMPLETELY AGREE, but my boss wanted me to use those graphics no matter what, sigh, I even after I explained how it's bad on seo and layout etc, but I've managed to change it so that it shrinks on mobile now using the below code, thanks anyway!! @media screen and (max-width:500px) { [data-section-id="5ea59e152a97584d997986cb"] { width: 100% !important; height: auto !important; } }
  3. Site URL: https://www.arch-worldwide.com/ Hello, How can I shrink the width of a gallery in mobile view? Or is there a way to use css to replace each photo in mobile view?
  4. @RyanDejaegher It seems the the logo now also has an underline when I'm on the homepage, is there a way of removing this on the logo?
  5. @bangank36 hmmm doesn't seem to work but I managed to do it with this! .ProductItem-relatedProducts .list-grid {grid-template-columns: 200px 200px 200px 200px 200px 200px 200px !important; }
  6. @jpeter For example, when I put in "white", all products with only 1 variant show White, including ones that are not white: It has also made all my other products that do have more than 1 variant show White too: I now also need to add a different size chart to each product, so would it be better for me to inject the code into the product additional information again?
  7. @jpeter Awesome it hides the colour option! But when I fill in the variable, it will appear the same on all the products that only have 1 variant right?
  8. @bangank36 This skews the image though and squeezes its dimensions onto the screen.
  9. @jpeter omg woooow it works!!! However, I'm still seeing the colour block on the product page, is there a way to hide it further? Also, the colour option is still available on the quick view which also doesn't show the variant colour. Could we hide the colour option and include the colour under the title in Quick View too? The colour also doesn't seem to show up for items that only have one variant, it does show up in the shopping cart though!!
  10. @jpeter OMG THIS WORKS A DREAM!! @ryandejaegher YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING AND HAVE MADE SOMETHING I THOUGHT IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE, THANK YOU SO MUCH, PLEASE LET ME KNOW HOW I CAN THANK YOU GUYSSSS!! Do you think it will be possible to add this additional info into the checkout cart like below or is that too much? XD
  11. @ryandejaegher yes I managed to do it by removing "Rumba red" from var TITLE_SUBTEXT_HTML = '<p>Rumba red</p>'; but if I remove the whole line, the whole thing doesn't work haha which is weird. anyhow i managed to get round it by leaving it in without the Rumba red. Thank you!!!
  12. yup i've been learning from your codes, thanks so much!!!
  13. Ahh got it, thanks so much!!! I can still use the add to cart pretext though, I tried to add the javascript in without the var title subtext line but now the button pretext isn't showing up too, do you know why? thanks so much!!!!! you're a star!
  14. @tuanphan This only pushes the image down but doesn't fit the whole image on the screen though, I tried object-fit: contain but it doesn't seem to be working, I tried height: 100% but it just pushes the image and skews its dimensions
  15. Somehow this doesn't work for me... but I managed to do it with this! .ProductItem-relatedProducts .list-grid {grid-template-columns: 200px 200px 200px 200px !important; }
  16. @brandon Hello, Is it possible to show the whole image on the lightbox and not be cropped as well? site: http://www.arch-worldwide.com/shop-all The below image should be a portrait image but is cropped to fit the screen width...
  17. @tuanphan Hello! Would you be able to tell me how to reduce the size of the images on my related products section? I think best way is to make it so that there are more columns like 5 columns maybe or reduce the height of the section. Please can you help? site: http://www.arch-worldwide.com/shop-all
  18. omgggg woooow!!!! So just to clarify, if I want to change the Title subtext for each product, how would I inject this? Do I inject into the settings or the page header injection section? And how would it change for each product?
  19. @ryandejaegher I'm really sorry, one last thing. My header navigation is now acting up a little for some reason. The Shop is fine with the underline as per the default but the other pages now have a double line which it didn't have before, do you think it has something to do with the code?
  20. Thank you so muchhhh you are amazing, let me know if you have a donation or "buy a coffee" kind of link haha
  21. OMG YOU ARE A SAVIOUR THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! Is there somewhere I can donate to you or "buy you a coffee"? My boss didn't want so much white space between the header and the links so I removed the margin and it looks fine on my screen though, as per the screenshot i attached earlier, even on different browsers it's still fine for me hmmm, does it look different on yours?
  22. The category links in the second line below the logo (all, new arrivals, t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, hats) were created by me typing it out in a textbox (because I wanted to control the order of it rather than follow the squarespace default of alphabetical order) so they are all just normal text hyperlinks in the body of the page. Would I be able to use this code for those body text links? As there is only code injection for the header and footer... I would like to have these links underlined when those pages are active just like in the footer. Is it possible?
  23. @ryandejaegher OMG IT WORKED THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! YOU SAVIOUR!! Is there a way to apply it to the links in this picture? The All, New Arrivals, T-Shirts etc line. They are just body text that I created and are not a menu or anything. It would be better to have it consistent on all links across the site. I know how to turn the navigation in the header on but not sure about the body?
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