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  1. Tuan, that worked beautifully. Thank you very much. Really appreciate the help.
  2. Its the top/first section where the site title is. I'd like to reduce the top and bottom padding to tighten up the spacing around it. Image attached for reference...
  3. Thanks for the response, tuanphan. Here is a link: https://swan-potato-cest.squarespace.com/
  4. I am using the Bryler template and have a single index page for my site that holds all of the content pages within it. I am trying to create a scenario where the first page of the index has different padding (top and bottom margins) than the rest of the pages within the same index. In other words, can I adjust the padding of a single page within an index without affecting the others? Let's say my index is named "welcome" and the first content page under that is called "home". I found this code on another thread, but cant seem to assign the page names properly... section#video .
  5. Hey Brandon, I wanted to follow up on this thread after finding it while looking for the same solution. I am using the Bryler template and I'd like to make the first page under my main index have a smaller top and bottom margin than the rest of the pages. I saw the code you listed above... section#video .Index-page-content { padding-top: 20px; padding-bottom: 20px; } I believe I am miss-labeling the pages, since I can not get the code to work for me Let's say I have a "Welcome" Index page, and the first page of that index is called "Home". How do I properly assign those
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