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  1. Thanks for your reply, I appreciate it. I'll try that. I have multiple "pages" on several pages - what's another page or three. 🙂
  2. My navigation scrolls of the screen on all of my pages. Is there something that I can do to make it stick at the top? Thanks! David
  3. Thanks @derricksrandomviews! I see those 5 automation effects. Super. I'm also looking at a way to make a block like that that has a muted background color, or at least a frame, so it stands out. I'm also looking for a way to have a few words or phrases appear, one after the other.
  4. Thanks derricksrandom! Is there a place I need to go to activate those, or are they just included (and I need to find them)?
  5. Hi, Is there a way to have a text block fade in, then out (maybe while doing a ken burns motion)? Or have several text blocks appear then disappear, one after the other? I'm looking to add some minor motion to a site to add a little pizazz, but not overboard. The text can be text in images if that is necessary. I've been using Squarespace for 5 months now, and have some basic elements, but am looking to spruce it up a bit. I'm looking through the online KB, but I don't see anything that does this. Thanks!
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