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  1. Hello, I have read the information in the link which suggests our setting should be %p - which it is. As we are providing an SEO my understanding is that the site title will not show. Please can you clarify that this is right. Is there a way I can provide our site address, if you don't already have access, so that you can check this please. Thankyou Neil
  2. Hello Jose, After the pages were completed for SEO 14 days ago they were resubmitted to Search Console then. What we wanted was: "Ready Made Vegan Food | . . . . " However, what we get coming up on the Google listing is: The Brook: Ready Made Vegan Food | To Your Door | At Events The software appears to be putting the brand at the beginning - which we do not want. I would appreciate your guidance to get the wording we want please. Thankyou Neil
  3. Site URL: https://the-brook.co.uk Hello, How do I stop our brand (The Brook) being added to the start of an SEO title please? In the SEO area it does not show but in a search result it does. Thankyou Neil
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