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  1. The sidebar appeared in the screenshot I included in the post. It has that default text "Tell us what you think! ..." From a learning perspective, how would the code for Custom CSS change if I wanted to remove the sidebar not from my entire site but for a specific page? Thanks!
  2. Site URL: https://atlantacoffeeshops.com Hi, I am working in the Five template. By default, all pages that I create include a sidebar on the right. Two questions: 1) How can I create custom code/CSS to omit sidebars on all pages throughout my site? Or said another way, how can I ensure that "full width" is selected for all pages on my site? 2) Is there a way to remove the sidebar from the "cart" page specifically? I could not find an option to do that on Squarespace Help pages. There is a way to customize the "Checkout" page, but what about the cart page? See the defaul
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