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  1. Site URL: https://www.alexlvrs.com/ Hi! I designed my website on desktop, desktop and mobile but I notive what I see on the spacesquare-mobile is far away from my own phone. I try to see different css code but big fail. Any idea why it do not work? thanks
  2. Hi Kate! For a first one, it's great. Still some idea to improve if you want: On the top part you have 2 buttons for "Inquire", if one is sticky, you can keep both but in that case they both are not visible after. Maybe you can work the aligment of your menu/social media/inquire button, then have the logo on the top. In that way your logo will be more visible. A footer is missing, I was thinking I didn't finish the page so I kept scrolling after the final image 🙂
  3. Hello! The top header is quiet nice! 🙂 I might have some advices for your button (the first one): the hiver state is with a different opacity which might be confusing (it looks like disabled). Usually, when it's hover we try to make sure the button looks with an positive reaction... This one looks like to disappear Your line weight are a bit unbalance: little tips, for small font use 120% and big one 150%. It's the best in term of readibility. This is reaaalllly tiny tiny and impossible to read: "We respect your privacy and never share your info."
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