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  1. Hi, @tuanphan The code you gave me for www.thomasburke.com footer logo is not working to keep sizing proportional on tablet and iPhone. The block is: #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1590700508893_9464 Mike
  2. Hi, @tuanphan Thank you for the code. But, it doesn't seem to be working. Mike
  3. Hi, Tuanphan, I have done something to mess up what you gave me. It worked initially. What I am trying to do is to have the logo (image block) proportionally scale smaller as the screen size goes from desktop to iPad horizontal to iPad vertical to iPhone horizontal to iPhone vertical. Can you let me know what I did to break what you gave me and what needs to be changed to make the proportional scaling work? Thank you so much. Mike https://maroon-orchid-fx6s.squarespace.com/ Site is now live: tbo.studio
  4. @tuanphan Here is the site and pw https://maroon-orchid-fx6s.squarespace.com/ PW: helpisontheway3$
  5. @tuanphan Sorry. New to Squarespace. Thanks for your help. Here is the password. helpisontheway3$ https://maroon-orchid-fx6s.squarespace.com/
  6. @tuanphan here is a link to our site: https://maroon-orchid-fx6s.squarespace.com/
  7. Hi, @tuanphan-- I have tried the various code in this thread and they are not working for me. What I want is our logo to not scale down to really small and then appear way too big in the mobile break. I also want to have the contact us button in the footer and for it to always display contact us on one line. Can you help? Pictures attached. Mike
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