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  1. 2 hours ago, paul2009 said:

    Can you confirm the order you were hoping for @TomSlage? The workaround that I posted above was for product > scheduler > cart > checkout.


    Ah! I missed that, sorry Paul! Yes, that's the exact flow I need. I'm having trouble understanding how to update the Add to Cart links on the product pages...do you know how I can update that? I'm using the Sackett template I believe.

    Also, do you know if replacing the Add to Cart link with the /schedule link will still allow the quantity selected to pass into the cart later? E.g. the customer selects a quantity of 3 on the product page, then clicks the swapped /schedule link, goes through scheduling and clicks the cart link, will the quantity of 3 be shown in the cart?

    Thanks again for you help!

  2. On 4/27/2020 at 10:50 AM, paul2009 said:

    There isn't an ideal way to manage this scenario within the Squarespace ecosystem [of Squarespace and Acuity Scheduling].

    Whilst the two are excellent standalone products, they have yet to be brought together to create a seamless experience. I say this because the scheduling form will prompt for the same personal details as the Squarespace checkout, which is never a great user experience. The styles of the two pages are also quite dissimilar and this may change of style may confuse some customers. 

    It won't be a great experience for you either, because you'll need to check two order systems and manually match the appointments to orders. That said, and to answer your question 🙂, you could send customers to the scheduler to choose a slot then send them to the cart and on to checkout.

    To do this you'd replace the cart link in the navigation with a link to the /schedule page. This would send them to pick a slot and add their details.

    On the appointment confirmation page, you can add a message telling them what to do next, complete with a link to the /cart page. The customer can then click on the link to confirm their cart and proceed to the Squarespace checkout where they can pay.

    To add the link to the appointment confirmation page, go to Business Settings > Appointment Types, click Edit and then Show a message after scheduling… 

    Bear in mind that some users won't understand and if it is not abundantly clear what they should do next, you may lose them before they reach the cart. I'll be interested in how you get on.

    Hi Paul, thanks for your very interesting pro tip here; I have a use case that may require this hack. Question though: do you know of any way to mash up scheduling and products in the opposite order? That is, have the customer start with a product selection, then route them into a scheduling flow, then into checkout?

    Thanks for your expertise!

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