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  1. Okay I'll try that! If I do decide that I like the Julia template and decide to transfer my domain, will I have to just buy everything all over again after the trial ends? I'm not paying monthly, I'm paying annually. So that would deter me from wanting to even try out the new template out of fear that I'll actually really like it, haha.
  2. Site URL: http://lamaekerclay.com I'm new to squarespace and am quickly learning that I made a rookie mistake. My 2 week trial ended a couple of days ago and I was still working on my site but knew I wanted to go with squarespace so I paid for my annual subscription. I found myself not being satisfied with how my site looked and stumbled upon the Julia template. I have since learned that since I have version 7.1, I can't switch templates as easily as 7.0. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to change the style of my site to match the Julia template? I know they say that they all share the same template and that there isn't a need to change templates, but I can't figure out how to design a layout that will match the framing that the Julia template has. Can anyone shed some light on this? I feel silly that I didn't find the template while I was still in the trial period, but they really hid those old templates and I stumbled on them kind of by accident. I know there's an option to start all over, but I paid for the annual subscription and really don't want to lose out on that money.
  3. Hi Chris! After searching and searching, this code helped me change the font of my site title as well. So thank you for the help! By chance, do you know how to change the size of the font for a custom font site title? I added my font but it seems very small (attached photos for reference).
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