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  1. Site URL: https://www.mtw-uxconsulting.com/ Hello! I'm trying to whitelist my own IP Address from my Analytics on Squarespace (it's skewing my data as it counts me every time I visit my own webpage). I found an article on how to do this in Squarespace 5 - but the feature (Website Management Bar) it indicates to use does not seem to be present in Squarespace 7. Any help would be appreciated!
  2. Site URL: https://fox-pepper-hn5f.squarespace.com/ The Question Hello, I am trying to add breadcrumbs to my site (not just for products but all pages). I have Developer Mode and tried to implement the solution proposed here but it did not work. I know how to create "if-else" statements using {.equals arg 1 arg2}, which will involved part of the solution - but I need to be able to store the value of the page visited before somewhere. This variable will need to be global and static - something at the session level. This kind of scope means the variable will have to be made outside of breadcrumbs.block (JSON-T I don't think has this capacity) so I was thinking maybe I could write a js script but I don't know how to how to manipulate the breadcrumbs.block from js or how to get the value of a variable in js from the breadcrumbs.block (probably not possible). If someone has a solution for breadcrumbs or can help me figure out how to get javascript and JSON-t file to talk to each other, that would be great! Pseudo Code Solution: variable last="" variable second-to-last="" //above stored somewhere else If we are at Home{ second-to-last = "" last = "" print nothing } Else If we are at top level navigation (navtitles like Custom Programs, About, Classes, Events) last = navtitle second-to-last = "" print last } Else If we are at second level navigation (Newbie Class, Open Enrollment class, etc){ if second-to-last is empty{ second-to-last = last } last = navtitle print second-to-last / last } Else if we are at third level navigation (healing rhthyms, or a form){ print second-to-last/last/navtitle } Melanie ~
  3. @ratnaish007 I was thinking about getting developer mode to do this (inject code into the Page Header under Page > Settings > Advanced). However, what you propose sounds like a need a more traditional FTP to make this happen (where the folder structure and whole mark up document is available to me). Is that possible with developer mode?
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