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  1. There was a JSON error in there somewhere. I copy + pasted my template.conf file into a json syntax linter online to fix it
  2. I have a few .region files so far on my unpublished website. I just added another .region file with a "Hello World" in HTML. Then I added the file to my template.conf like I did with my other .region files, expecting it to show on the squarespace UI when going to Pages > Settings > Advanced > Page Layout > [Newly_added].region file, but it's not there. Here is the syntax on my template.conf file. The .region file that's not showing is the javascript.region and test.region. Is there a limit to how many .region files you can have on a trial or something? { "name" : "unnamed project", "author" : "Squarespace", "navigations" : [ { "title" : "Main Navigation", "name" : "mainNav" }], "layouts" : { "default" : { "name" : "", "regions" : [ "site" ] }, "home" : { "name" : "Home page", "regions" : [ "home" ] }, "frontend" : { "name" : "Frontend page", "regions" : [ "frontend" ] }, "javascript" : { "name" : "JavaScript page", "regions" : [ "javascript" ] }, "test" : { "name" : "Test page", "regions" : [ "test" ] }, }, "stylesheets": [ "base.less", "nav.less", ] }
  3. I'll use the built-in editor to add CSS for now unless there's a workaround to being able to use files
  4. I have a few .region files, with a corresponding .less file for each. I'm starting to get duplicate elements, such as <h1> tags in more than one .region file. I would like my .region file to refer to one and only one .less file. It appears when I add a styling element to one <h1> tag in a .less file, it applies to all of my pages. Thanks!
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