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  1. I am having a similar problem. I need to create sets of 6 and have a total of say 10 sets of 6. Yet I want them to have an option to purchase a set of 12 (2 sets of 6) at a cheaper price. Variants only allow inventory by the variant not the overall product which is a similar problem to yours. It seems this would be an option in an advance e commerce platform like squarespace. If you figured out an option, I would love to know. So far I was suggested to purchase an add on for an additional 29 per month cost which is just not happening.
  2. Well that's unfortunate...
  3. I sell some items in a set of 6 but if they buy two sets, they get a discount. So I set up the item and made variants. One is a set of 6 variant and one is a set of 12 variant with a discounted price. For those who by a set of 12, they get two packs of 6. So how do I set the overall inventory. The item say has 10 sets total and if they buy a set of 12, then it cuts my stock from 10 to 8, and so on. Is there a way to do this?
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