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  1. I have a website I'm working on for a client where I have a summary block for their calendar on their events page. Right now its set as a "list" in the summary block, and I like the way it looks on the computer, but would like to switch it to "stacked/grid" view on mobile so the thumbnail image is above the info as opposed to being kinda small and on the left taking away space from the text. Is there a way via CSS to switch the summary block mode in a media query? Due to contractual obligations I need to keep the beta site locked and can't share it, but shouldn't matter as its a general question, nothing specific to any "item" on a specific site...
  2. I'm actually looking for the opposite, I want to be able to hide the thumbnails in my summary block, but only on mobile...Any ideas?
  3. Site URL: https://ivyroom.squarespace.com Hi, site is password protected at moment, but you shouldn't need access... I have a summary block of blog posts and would like to hide the thumbnails on mobile as they shrink too much to be useful and it just looks bad. Is there a way to to just hide them on mobile via media query?
  4. Site URL: https://www.subliminalsf.com Hi, Im a concert promoter and trying to sell "Will Call Only" tickets through my site for shows where the venue I'm working with doesn't do their own advance tickets. I want to find a way to tack on a $1/ticket surcharge on my tickets as a transaction fee to cover credit card transaction costs, etc... Selling tickets as a "Service" as they aren't getting anything physical for their transaction other than a receipt, and their name is just appearing on a will call list... Like wanna be able to have a line item similar to tax that says "Service Fee" and is $1.00 Would prefer to sell directly through squarespace than have to deal with a ticketing company as its just will call...
  5. Site URL: https://www.subliminalsf.com Is there a way to modify the shipping address for an order after a customer has made it? Had someone email me asking to change the shipping address, and I know I can leave myself an internal note, but is there a way to change it so it shows up properly on the packing slip/shipping label?
  6. Wondering this as well, have the same issue with some stuff I print myself and some stuff through Printful... Anyone?
  7. I have a summary block referencing a blog and would like the summary block to sort the blog posts alphabetically if possible. This is for a site for a film festival and I'm using the summary block and blog for the films so I don't have to build individual pages for each film, and can then tag/categorize them for easy searching as well. Is there a way to do this?
  8. Hiebj, Have you had any luck developing the plugin yet?
  9. I'm trying to make an event calendar for a venue that has events that go past midnight. Is there a way to make the events not overlap in the calendar block and only appear on the date they start?
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