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  1. It is 2020 and a website-building-platform prohibits me from building my website because: JS Well, that was a waste of time. I guess I can delete my Account. Thank you.
  2. Hello I gave Squarespace a shot yesterday as I think I want to use their services to build a website for once. I know my way around HTML, CSS, JS since 10y but wanted to know how fast I could spin off a nice website. After tweaking the Pages and Headers and a bit CSS to hide certain elements with an ease, I wanted to make the Page-Logo animated on scroll to give it more motion. I searched and found some samples, but none worked when pasting them into the Setting>Advanced>Inject Section. Then I read that I can not use JS on a beginner plan? Is my ride after only one day over, as I am not allowed to tweak JS Animations sidewide already? Is using JS such a pro feature that I already have to pay monthly cost, just to build my first website? I thought I could build the damn site and activate it later with a plan. I'm kinda stunned if that is the case. Cheers
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