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  1. Hi @tuanphan. I havent solved it yet.... i would LOVE some help. i have found a better example of how i wan't it to be though... i would like for my projet images in my portfolio to be like in the first example from this site : http://css-workshop.com/hover-box-text-over-images-on-hover-and-more/ so, some white text appears and the image turns a little dark. i would like for the image to still have a title though, underneath the image, like it is on my site now. Really appreciate your help @tuanphan. THANK YOU
  2. actually, i would like it to be kinda like on this site : https://balstrup.io/ on this site, the thumbnail, still have a title, but when you hover over the picture i turns a little dark, at som text appears. i would like for my text, not to be i a box though. THANKS a MILLION marco
  3. Ok i get it. it graps the images title. great !! if you have the time, and know how. i would now like the picture to turn a little dark, and the text to be white... sorry for the trouble, hope you can help ! THANK YOU !!!
  4. waw @tuanphan !!! i will try this out asap !!! Thank you very much ! hope it works !! 1 question (super noob, sorry) where do i type in the text that goes on top of the thumbnail ?? Marco !
  5. this tutorial is for images only. I need it to be on thumbnails unfortunately. im having a hard time finding a tutorial on this matter... Thanks allot though. .marco
  6. Site URL: https://www.marcodiallo.com/ Hallo guys. this i my first web site design. and i dont know what im doing tbh. I have created a portfolio, and then added som projects. i have then added some images for my projects. now i would like to have som text appearing when hovering the mouse over the image. is this possible ? thank you all in advance. - marco
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