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  1. Site URL: https://www.jostaffuomo.com/

    This is my second project using Squarespace and this time I also used their online scheduling service and I have to say that it was really nice to work with. The client is very happy about it! 

    (The photos used for the website are also taken by me so if you have any feedback on those feel free to tell me)

    I wanted to get some feedback from you guys though, thanks! (some descriptions of items and people are still a work in progress but the layout and stuff is final) 


  2. On 6/30/2020 at 8:49 PM, Justin414 said:


    The home page main banner image is too big, should fit on the screen. 

    The cocktail menu on top of the image makes it hard to read. (I would match the above food menu layout of an image and then another section with the menu.)

    The scroll down to discover menu section seems like it missing something and has lots of white space, also why are you telling people to scroll down more to discover the menu? 

    on the bottom with the last section and the 2 footers if the site is Italian make them the color of the Italian flag...

    For the booking why do you not have online booking? 

    Hope this all helps you out!


    Hi! Sorry but I've just seen this now. Thank you so much for the feedback! 


    Yes it's quite big since it's the full resolution photo, I will try to play with sizes! But it's intended to for the glass to be so big with the logo on top of it (at least on the desktop version)

    Yes I am aware of the big white space and I talked with the client about it asking for a better and longer description of his place but he still hasn't managed to give me one so it has to stay like that for now. About the "scroll down to see the menù" it's because the place is in a little town in Italy and many people (mainly older ones) are not used at using websites when going out for dinner and they ask the waiter where is the menù without even trying to scroll down or anything, but I agree that it should be changed. 

    I tried darkening the beverages menu background image to make it more readable and about the online booking the answer is no, the client didn't want to have one since nobody is used to book online in that small town! 



    And also thanks for the comments to everybody else, I appreciate it! I am looking forward to make more websites for my future clients and one day be a part of Squarespace Circle! 🙂

  3. Site URL: https://www.mrmagoo.pub/

    I want to change the menu title colors on the beverages page (where the beer glass picture is) since they are dark grey and they blend in with the background and they are hard to read. But if I go and change it from the styles menu it also changes the titles inside the food menu, which is not good, because then I can't read those instead of the ones I just changed.

    The site is private atm but the password is simply "mrmagoo", thanks a lot! 

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