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  1. hey thanks again for the reply, is it possible to have 4 logos per reel with spacing? should i add blank pictures for the spacing? thanks again
  2. yes i tried to make them all 100 pixel heigh but for some reason they move around when i put more than 3 i was thinking if its possible to make it so i can scroll through them like a carousel http://kenwheeler.github.io/slick/ i tried to follow this guide but i am a newbie in these things so i didnt know where to put the codes even after watching the guide
  3. desktop im trying to get 4 per row to fit thanks for fast reply!!
  4. @tuanphan hi im new here and was wondering if you could help me i want my logos to be in line with eachother but i cannot get them to 😞 https://emu-lizard-h482.squarespace.com/config/design pass: test thanks in advance!
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