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  1. Is there a way to change the X in the lightbox to the word Close, OR to make it so that the X is darker, and larger? -- especially on mobile, it's very faint. Does anyone know the CSS for this element? Thanks, A
  2. Oh Thanks for the info, and for your help. Here's a quick screen record --- see how it says "description" and then nothing shows around the image? Shouldn't there be a caption on the image? That's what I want. Thanks, A captions222.mov
  3. My site isn't public....do you work for squarespace and can look at private sites?
  4. Yes how do we get the captions/descriptions to be visible under EACH image -- like a title.
  5. This has been an ongoing issue for me as well -- where are the templates that have a caption area, per image? Obviously I'm not the only one who needs this... ugh. Description yes, but it doesn't seem to populate anything visible -- or at least I have found.
  6. Yes I have this exact issue. First it alerted me that my pngs were too large so I downsized them....which helped but didn't get rid of the issue entirely. Also, I'm with you...there's a place for a "description" but it doesn't populate anything right now -- specifically in the lightbox, or anywhere else: hover, etc.
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