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  1. Sorry - just realized it's still showing in the footer on non-PDP pages. How do I hide it? Example from the homepage:
  2. Thanks! It's showing above the product name, can it be updated to show below?
  3. @tuanphan -- I'm not sure I understand the question. Each product should have a button with the same link. But each product is obviously on a different page. I want to add this button to all product pages. Let me know if that clarifies?
  4. Oh, I wasn't seeing it yesterday, sorry about that. How do I add padding between the columns? @tuanphan
  5. Sure, current work (should be square): https://oarfish-aardvark-ycpl.squarespace.com/ Past work (should be rectangle): https://oarfish-aardvark-ycpl.squarespace.com/past-work Thank you @tuanphan!!
  6. Site URL: https://oarfish-aardvark-ycpl.squarespace.com/ Hello, I have two stores - Current Work and Past Work. My client wants the items in Current Work to be displayed as squares and the items in Past Work to be displayed as rectangles. Whenever I update it one way or the other, both stores are updated rather than just one. Please let me know how to achieve this? Password: Tina2020
  7. @tuanphan I just tried this on my site and it's not working, could you help? https://oarfish-aardvark-ycpl.squarespace.com/ Tina2020
  8. @tuanphan how do I add a text link to every product page? I can add a description but not sure how to add a link across the board.
  9. @paul2009Oh I'm sorry, password is: Exclusive2020 thank you so much for your help
  10. Site URL: https://lanternfish-lion-lr7x.squarespace.com/ Hi there, I hid the quantity, price and add to cart buttons on my PDPs using this code: .product-quantity-input, .product-price, .sqs-add-to-cart-button-wrapper { display:none !important; } Now, I would like to add some copy and a button to every PDP, something like: Copy: Request a swatch or a free quote Button: Request a swatch Button link: /contact page How do I do this?
  11. Site URL: https://oarfish-aardvark-ycpl.squarespace.com/ I have a few questions, I hope it's not poor form to combine questions! Please let me know if anyone can help. 1. I need to hide the product name from the Store page. My client wants to only display thumbnails of each product by default. 2. I'd also like the spacing below the products to be even with the spacing between products. 3. On mobile I'd like to display 2x columns instead of 1x.
  12. I just used this for the exact same problem and it's perfect (thank you!!). I want to add padding between the text and image. @tuanphan can you advise?
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