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  1. @tuanphan Hi! I don't suppose you know how to achieve this if I want to set a non-linked page as the opening page, that loads to the homepage after a delay? I've created the page already, it has a scrolling marquee effect that i'd like to have when the user lands on the site for the first time. I've attached a video if you need to take a look. site: https://www.sundayservice.agency/ pw: sunday2021 This is the desired style I would like to achieve: https://www.lockstudios.co.uk/ Many thanks in advance! Nabil Screen Recording 2021-07-04 at 17.03.49.mov
  2. @tuanphan Managed to find the solution from another thread that was resolved by you! It seems when using this code to customise the size for product category title, it becomes responsive in mobile – which is great! /* category title size */ h3.nested-category-title { font-size: 42px !important; } Thanks for the help! N
  3. Sorry! here's the url: https://trombone-bumblebee-yms9.squarespace.com/products password as above. Cheers! @tuanphan
  4. Hi All, facing the same problem but with the font size on the 'view all' section with product categories. The font size doesn't seem too large for desktop view but it's not responsive and doesn't adjust when the screen is shrunk and the text cuts off in mobile view – any help? (screenshots attached). Link to site: https://trombone-bumblebee-yms9.squarespace.com/config/pages/5f69e05dba1bde0a4560f05c pw: camilamesquita Template: Maru Cheers! Nabil
  5. Hi @RyanDejaegher Exactly yes, so the size, process and special notes ideally would like in a smaller font size just so there's some sort of hierarchy. I don't suppose you know how to input accordion menus? that would be magic, but no worries if you can't. Thanks for looking into this, much appreciated! 👍🏼
  6. Thanks for getting back @RyanDejaegher! Here's a link to the site's product pages: https://trombone-bumblebee-yms9.squarespace.com/config/pages/5f69e05dba1bde0a4560f05c password: camilamesquita (lowercase) Let me know how you get on! Thanks! 🙏
  7. Hi @tuanphan i'm facing the same issue I'd like to add p1 to the product description pages – could you share what the code? If you need link to the site (still unpublished) let me know. Many thanks! 🙏
  8. Hi @tuanphan any idea if there's an alt code that can work for single pages rather than across all blog entries/pages? I'm also using a Rally template site. Cheers!
  9. @tuanphan Hi there, i'm trying to achieve something similar – do you know how to remove the right/left arrows next to the text or adjust the stroke line so the arrows are thinner? Thanks v much in advance! Nabil
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