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  1. Hi Brennan, I haven't seen Patreon used with Squarespace before but it seems like their pricing has higher % fees (starting at 8%) than the ones you already mentioned — are there specific aspects of Patreon they're looking to implement? I guess you already looked into this, but Squarespace password-protected pages is an option since Squarespace can protect the pages from their side (more secure than the other options you'd be looking at) Memberstack is a membership platform that does offer 1% fees or lesser, depending on the scale at which your client is planning to use it an
  2. Hi there! Happy to try and help — can you share the custom CSS you've added to remove the button on the product's page? Might be a way to edit/update that to include the lightbox button as well.
  3. Hey @directivecollective! Squarespace's subscription features are covered in this article, but I couldn't find some of the questions you asked there so I'd recommend reaching out to their support to see if they have updates on this front. I'm helping build Memberstack which lets you manage user logins, memberships & gate content for Squarespace websites. You can add it to your website without writing code and customize it to match the look & feel of your website — let me know if you have specific questions about it. Happy to help! 🙂 Best,
  4. Yep, Memberstack has a Frontend API if you want to access the User ID via Javascript. We're also in early beta with a Backend API that's even more powerful; feel free to DM me if you want to give it a try. 🙂
  5. That's correct. We've seen users usually end up selecting one, or if multi-currency is absolutely necessary, they setup install Memberstack on different 'currency versions' of their site. (In-depth article here). Something we hope to improve for sure! 🙂
  6. Hey Michael! There's a couple ways to explore this: 1. You could look at using Password protected pages on Squarespace (either site-wide or page-specific) if you want to share access to the podcast episodes per page and give people a protect way to access it. I know Squarespace has some documentation on using RSS but I haven't used it myself — would love to hear if you give it a try! 2. Another approach is to explore third-party solutions to help enable this. For example, I'm helping build Memberstack for Squarespace sites to manage members & subscriptions without needing to
  7. For sure! We recognize that people are wanting to customize and build memberships in a way that suits their own specific use-case. We're building Memberstack to offer as much membership & payment functionality as we can across site-builders. Our goal is to match your UI as closely as possible so that your end-users/customers don't actually see or feel that you're using a 3rd party tool — we want it to look and feel just as good as the rest of your site. We're new to the space, but have helped our customers make over $3.5M in about a year from launch with thousands of happy users. Just w
  8. Hey there! You can do this using Memberstack for Squarespace — you can create as many payment plans with different one-time pricing or subscription offers. Let me know if you have questions about it. 🙂
  9. Yes! You can send member data to other applications using webhooks or our Zapier integration. 😄
  10. Hey @Shereen! I'm with Memberstack and we support a lot of folks using Squarespace with a user login or membership payment use-case. Would love to get your feedback on our tool if you're open to giving it a try 😄
  11. You could use a membership plugin like Memberstack to offer 'memberships' that are 1-time payments for a certain number of classes per week? Tutorial here as well: https://help.memberstack.com/en/articles/3992066-squarespace-tutorial
  12. Hey @Stereoknob - you can use a tool like Memberstack to add user accounts & payments to let members access video content on your Squarespace site. Here's a tutorial as well: https://help.memberstack.com/en/articles/3992066-squarespace-tutorial Cheers 😄
  13. @DGWebs you can accomplish #1 with Memberstack which is a membership plugin for Squarespace sites. 😄
  14. @ivettehd Yeah! You can use Memberstack to add memberships to your Squarespace site. :)
  15. @upstreamdancer You could look into Memberstack which is a membership plugin to offer a course via a Squarespace site.
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