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  1. I've followed the advice and created a nofollow link but it's not underlined to show that's its a hyperlink. You can click on it on the front end but it just shows up as regular text so readers wouldn't know its hyperlinked and that they can click on it. Is there a way to do that. An example code is: <a href="https://rstyle.me/+N2AsET-u3GXaFZIVtQvivA"target="_blank" rel="nofollow"> ASOS South Beach Exclusive Oversized Boater Hat</a> The 1st sentence of the attachment is how this link shows on the frontend versus the regular links below it (not added via code and without the nofollow).
  2. I keep getting an error message about being unable to claim my blog on bloglovin' any idea why? I'm inserting the code into the top of a new blog post (have tried both ways-using the embed way and using the <> way in the + box) and publishing but when I go back to Bloglovin and click claim I get the unable to claim error message.
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