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  1. Thanks a lot for your reply! I added the code and it worked for that page, but it added a black box around the text :) What I would like to know is how to give the text an outline, meaning that the text font (as you can see) is white, but I want each letter to have a thin black outline. I would also like to know how to do this for other similarly designed pages. Thanks so much!
  2. Any ideas? :) I'd be so grateful for a solution to this! Thanks in advance
  3. Hello, yes sure, here is the full URL: https://theimaginal.org/episode-1-the-eye-of-the-storm-life-death-in-out
  4. Site URL: https://theimaginal.org Hello, I have a website which is live (but password protected) at the moment: https://theimaginal.org Password: Jinan82 Two things: 1) I would like to know how to customise a text style only in one section on a page (not across the entire website), and specifically I mean to make a text outlined (black outline, white text). 2) Please note, this text I refer to is currently positioned on top of a gallery slider (I achieved this with a purchased plugin, so it's fixed text over 3 auto-sliding images) I can't find online
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