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  1. I very much agree also, squarespace is valued for its design priorities, but increased functions enable growth! we're missing so many things that are normal for competing platforms, and SS has been lagging unfortunately. I hope the ipo enables them to see they need to compete. there's so many features that they need to implement
  2. Need blog writers to only see the blog they are assigned too. Can this be done? Is there something in the works? This is very limiting to growth in this platform.
  3. why not? its a more established look, its more options for users, its less constrained, you can coordinate different sections to your website...why not....is it possible?
  4. Also, a related issue If I have a different domain other than mydomain.com, can i redirect it to different subdomains? For instance, if I have mydomainblog.com and i want it to redirect to blog.mydomain.com ... would that be possible as well?
  5. How do I do that? I know how to forward blog.mydomain.com to mydomain.com/blog....but i don't want it to appear to users as such....i'd rather it appear as blog.mydomain.com Is that possible?
  6. yes i wish that Squarespace works with youtube to make this happen!
  7. Why are normal and basic e-commerce store features missing? (The elephant in the room?) Here's a list of complaints I have. My basic question is why isn't Squarespace trying to offer features to seriously compete with Shopify and others to expand their business? Why are the following missing? There's no option to sort/filter products by tags, availabilty, sales, color, or anything else. There's no built in option for product reviews. You can't expect everyone to figure out coding and troubleshooting every single time they want a basic, ubiquitous store feature. There's no ability to add all products to a single page. Likewise, there's no ability to add all sale products on a single page to show a "clearance" section. There's a limit to adding more than 200 products on a single collection, meaning you have to make new collections for each category. Why jump through hoops to invest in expanding your product offerings? Why not just a single collection like any normal store??? There's a consistent value for design in Squarespace which is what attracts any sensible person, but why are there consistent shoddy designs??? A built-in inability redesign the Search page, the Checkout page, the account page, the login page, etc etc. Why are functionality updates not easy? Why the crazy hassle to go from 7.0 to 7.1? Why can't I easily get new features and be confident for my business investments? Why do popular features have to disappear when there is an update even then? For example, parallax is gone with the update. Other normal store features that should be standard to ease merchant usage are missing also. Product color to image linking, liking products. Why is the functionality of different themes restricted instead of simply design? I'm reading 7.1 fixed this, but the point still stands. Why not just have a simple flexible design language where everyone can have every feature and not have to go through the hours of work required to apply new themes Why all the rigidity?? Why can't I edit a gallery's transition settings when directly in an index, but only in a gallery block? Why no limit on how many product's per page?? Isn't that normal? Why is there no built in return/exchange mechanism? Why do you make us pay for basic store features??? Why is Shopify automating basic calculations like adding statebystate tax information, and you guys are making us do it manually or pay for it? This is crazy. Also why not integrate live shipping costs from different shipping services by weight, etc. Why do these basic basic features need to be such a hassle. Why no drop shipping integrations?? Is that like a crazy thing to ask for? Why no integrations to Printful competitors. Please start investing more in your ecommerce side. Integrations are lacking, features are lacking, Please compete with shopify. You guys are just ASKING us to migrate elsewhere. Its constantly frustrating to encounter squarespace limitations and dragging, cloggy updates. I'm sure there's many more basic features that are missing. These are just the ones I've been facing.
  8. Yes I'm looking for the same feature.
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