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  1. Hi @tuanphan Could you help me, Please I want to make a video like popup (lightbox) preview in v 7.1 It is posible to do?
  2. Hi @bangank36 Could you help me, Please! How to make video in popup (lightbox) preview in version 7.1 Do you have any code?
  3. @tuanphan I have the same problem... The logo on mobile is too large Please check https://dogfish-primrose-zxw9.squarespace.com/config/
  4. @tuanphan Thanks 😃 ... and how to highlight the same text (like a link)? 🙏🏻
  5. @tuanphan hi I need the same help... Could you help me?
  6. Hi, @tuanphanI want ask you.I want to add an arrow icon (dropdown icon near "Learn more" item) in navigation bar Because in my wireframe it was look like...(add attachment below) Question to you:Could I added this icon? Maybe I could fixed it after the launch the website?
  7. Thank you @tuanphan for the code for align of navigation...😃 It works!
  8. Hi everyone! @tuanphan I have the same problem with dropdown right aligned on the main navigation. Please, help to align to the left like a text Attached my screenshot
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