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  1. @tuanphan

    Following up here, I guess I wasn't quite all resolved! Using the CSS you and @brandon have provided I've gotten my homepage close to how I want it. Thank you both! One question- When I do the click to hover only the top half of the image is clickable. Is there any way to fix that? I'd like people to be able to click-through anywhere on the image. 

    site: https://coral-icosahedron-7rhx.squarespace.com/

    Pw: NOTREADY100

    Thank you!

  2. Site URL: https://coral-icosahedron-7rhx.squarespace.com/


    Is there any way to adjust the column or image width of a specific column or set of images in a masonry gallery? Id like to make the left hand column narrower (or be able to adjust the size of all images in the left hand column) in order to better line up the bottom of the images. 



    Thank you in advance!

  3. Hi - I'm currently using the Pazari template and the blog feature. I'd like be able to change the body background on particular posts without impacting every other blog post.  For example, I have a blog post titled "Website" with the slug "/portfolio/web" and I'd like to change the background of that post. Portfolio is the name of my blog set upI assume I would also put this under the custom CSS section?


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