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  1. RIDICULOUS!!! My company just moved all of our sites to Squarespace and I was absolutely loving it. When I tried to duplicate a button I assumed I was just missing something obvious, then I found this thread. So I can't duplicate, copy/paste, option-drag, right-click, nothing, no option to reuse a single element? Really? C'Mon! Thankfully our sites were already nicely built out for us, so not a big problem for me. However I was considering moving all of my other sites here because I'm absolutely done with managing a server and thought this would be better, but I guess I'm still stuck with WordPress. Lame! :( Must be some major fundamental issue with their platform they they're stuck with and they just can't figure out a workaround? Who knows, but it's a showstopper for me. I hope they notice how active this thread still is lately. Good luck Devs!
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