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  1. Site URL: http://stalbans.thewearecommunity.co.uk Hello there, I was wondering if anyone could please help.. I'm offering a subscription plan for customers to be featured on the website i'm building. I'd like to add on a one off £5 admin set up fee to be taken off only their first payment. Squarespace can't offer this. Does anyone know any way this can be done? Thanks so much!! Katie
  2. Hello @creedon! Thank you for your response. The URL is stalbans.thewearecommunity.co.uk password is help2021 and id like to make clicking on "directory" take you to the directory which is in the dropdown below it. So all you see is Directory on the title and Join Us below it as a dropdown. Any help would be great! Many thanks in advance! Katie
  3. Ah i'm so stuck with this. I'm using the Artesia template. I'm trying to make my folder (/directoryhome) link to /directory page and it's just not working. Is anyone available to help? Many thanks! Katie
  4. Hello there! I'm having a problem with this too on my site. It's not live yet, but i'm trying to do the same as above but its not working for me. I've created a folder which i'd like to be called Directory and would like it to point to my /directory page. Would you please be able to help. I'm using the Artesia template. Many thanks in advance!
  5. Hello, On a product page i have built, I am trying to disable the option to be able to click on the image which takes you through to a page with the single product on. As i'm only using one image per item that I'm selling i do not need a click through option. Does anyone know the coding on how to disable this please? Many thanks!
  6. Hey guys, I'm building a website which will need to function as a directory for a local town. It will be showing what's on along with reviews, maps etc and subscription options (ecommerce) So far, I am finding only wordpress examples... https://athemes.com/collections/best-directory-wordpress-themes/ Would anyone know of any themes that would work similarly to the above wordpress ones? OR would it have to be fully custom coded? Thanks very much, Katie
  7. Site URL: https://www.call4fish.com Hello! I'm wondering if anyone could please help or advise. My client would like a google maps implemented on their website where they can show up to 200 stockists of theirs. We would require a search by location functionality, a filter option and colour coded pins We would also require custom text on each location and the directions (opening up google maps) This is a perfect example but the company charges min $25 a month... https://storepoint.co/examples >> https://www.simone-perele.com.au/store-locator << this being the perfect example of what I am after. Does anyone know any way to implement a map like this a bit more cost effectively? Many thanks! Katie
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