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  1. ok sir thanks,,, i got,,, can you confirm that i need also change DNS or not because i am just changing site nor server?
  2. no, i am on same account and they are showing same Transfer this domain This domain is registered on another Squarespace site. To move it here, follow this guide. Domain transfer allows you to manage your domain with Squarespace rather than another provider. Learn more Connect this domain This domain is already associated with a Squarespace site. To move this domain, please follow these instructions. Keep this domain with your current provider and point it to Squarespace. Learn more
  3. i follow this but i have no option of Move Domain to Another Site and it need to paid subscription, that i already subscribed on my current website, please guide me, or give me a link where i can chat live with community
  4. i want to move domain to new website
  5. Site URL: https://www.ineseohyun.com/ how i can assign my current theme domain name on new theme? please help me
  6. can i assign squarespace domain with godaddy hosting?
  7. bundle of thanks sir. stay blessed
  8. ok sir i am waiting from some one other i just want to know is squarespace have server for uploading websites like godaddy, anyhow thanks for your response
  9. thank you so much, i want to upload php project on my squarespace using cpane, can you guide me sir, is it possible? if yes then wehere i can found cpanel and mysql ??
  10. Site URL: https://www.ineseohyun.com/ is it possible that i purchase hosting from other platform like godaddy and domain from squarespace and integrate them? OR squarespace give facility for uploading project like other in the form of cpanel ??
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