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  1. Works great! Thank you so much! 😁
  2. Hi there! I'm continuously making updates to the site, and I have changed a bit the categories. I made 2 different folders, Home & Professional, and moved my products accordingly. In this way I will be able to have my main two categories available separately, without having to create some complication for displaying them directly in the left column list. But still, I would like to rearrange the categories according to my order, not alphabetical. In Home Furniture: Kitchen Collection Wall Panels Collection Kids Collection Living Room Collection
  3. The categories should be as following: Alpha Collection Office Custom Collection Kitchen Collection Wall Panels Collection Kids Collection Living Room Collection Bedroom Collection Bathroom Collection
  4. I have a Business Plan, but if it gets to complicated I will leave it as it is 🙂 I do have another question, maybe you can help me. I found many codes for this but not sure if they are applicable to Brine - Marta. I would like to change the current alphabetical order in my shop categories, and to order them in another way. I found the below code but it doesn't work... /*Reorder category list items on Marta*/ /*http://caniuse.com/flexbox*/ /*http://shouldiprefix.com/#flexbox*/ #collection-5719735837013bf7bb9fc122 .category-nav-links { display: -webkit-box; /* OLD -
  5. Hi! I am using Version 7.0– Brine family (Marta template). Site URL: https://soybean-salamander-bm4z.squarespace.com/home Pass: DUO2020
  6. Hello everyone! I am trying to finalize the design of a page, and cannot identify the exact code for having a "cool" logo, which changes dimension when you scroll it. The reference site where I have seen this feature and would like to have the same is: https://niklas-jessen.squarespace.com/ Can you help me with this feature?
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