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  1. @tuanphan it worked! now I just need the image to be full blend to the right like how I have the images on the left. Do I used block id?
  2. @tuanphan I managed to make the image on the left side full bleed to the left however when I try to do the same thing for the right, it doesn't work.
  3. No worries @tuanphan And apologies, I had changed the password to Tryysh098
  4. @tuanphan did you manage to find a solution for this? I'm still stumped
  5. When I move 'All' to 'Not Linked', when you click on 'Services' it goes straight to 'Brand Strategy' as that is what is below it
  6. Hi @tuanphan https://www.tryysh.com/ Password - Tryysh098 If you could help me with this, that would be great! I have managed to make my Services page clickable and is linked to my All page, however now, I don't want the All page to be visible.
  7. @tuanphan Hi sorry about that! Url: https://ladybug-chicken-wtws.squarespace.com/ Password: Tryysh123 And it's the all services page
  8. Site URL: https://ladybug-chicken-wtws.squarespace.com/ I am wanting image cards to be full bleed either left or right with a medium content width for the text to fit in the middle of the screen. I have managed to achieve with a plugin with the left image however I'm struggling with the right image. Any guidance?
  9. Site URL: https://www.murray4maintenance.co.nz/ Hi, I'm wondering if I could have some help with the site title on the main page being cropped out on my mobile however it's coming up perfectly on the mobile view on Squarespace.
  10. Site URL: https://www.alimerriscoaching.com/ Hi, I want to find out how I can create a table when my site comes up in google search. Please see attached an example of what I am implying.
  11. Just tried this and it doesn't seem to have made any difference 🤔
  12. Beauty, thank you. Just waiting for it to be approved 🙂
  13. Site URL: https://oval-panda-rsl8.squarespace.com/ Hi, I was wondering what would be the most effective way of stoping text from hyphonating when the screen size is reduced?
  14. Site URL: https://www.alimerriscoaching.com/ Hi, I have come across an issue where a non-link page continues to pop up in the google index before the main link. The particular page, I have switched it on the SEO section to be hidden from search results however the page still comes up. Any advice on this with how to can permantely delete this page from the google index?
  15. Absolute beauty, that worked a treat! How would I go about it as far as page content on the contact page? I tried to change footer.sections to body.sections but had no such luck
  16. I'm only on a personal plan and am unable to access the advanced options. Is there another way or worth making the upgrade?
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