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  1. Thank you YourePerfect. It's great to have another opinion about the site. Also its good to know about the lightbox - that might be a nice thing to have. I will definitely look into that. P.S. I like the art on your site 🙂
  2. Site URL: https://www.haphotography.fi/ I Just launched my new site and would appreciate any feedback. I'm a photographer and mainly targeting local market here in Finland. I had a site from another platform but could not find a template I really like so I changed to Squarespace. Not sure if I went overboard with the size of the photos but the main issue why I wanted to have new site was that on my previous site images were too small. It works fine on my computer and phone. Not too slow or anything like that. Also I know that the "design" is really simple and I wanted to be it like that so t
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