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  1. @JOHNMD So I contacted them and they gave me all the correct files but It is still not working on the portfolio titles. Not sure what I am doing wrong. The sent me the updated folder but as you can see in the screen shot there is no "desktop" folder. I used the otf font that you can see below but it did not have the woff2 refernece in it as yours does. We are so close to figuring this out but I am not sure what to do.
  2. I just contacted them, totally understand. Thanks for your help with this process!
  3. WOW! Thanks for all of your work and help on this, it has been amazing! Would you be able to email me the updated otf file? It may speed up this process? Then fingers crossed I am all good to go.
  4. https://reindeer-green-cc29.squarespace.com/config/settings/domains/donovanwitmer.com I am unfortunately just the graphic designer so I dont have the log in info
  5. @JOHNMD Unfortunately that didnt work either...
  6. @JOHNMD So I downloaded the WOFF version of the font and I am back at square one... What is the correct code from star to finish that I need to get this font to be in my portfolio titles? I have went back through and tried all of the different codes you have given me but I am at a road block right now. I know I am slightly off in some way, but I am not sure where. Here is the image of what I have so far.
  7. @JOHNMD ahhh yes... How did i not realize that... the font he sent me was in an OTF, that is definitely this issue
  8. @JOHNMD Unfortunately neither of them are working. Thanks for your help, I think I will just have to take it in a different direction.
  9. @JOHNMD So it did change the font to grey and 30pt, but it changed it to do a different font, not the correct one MADE Bruno, which doesnt make sense. I tried adding the source method that I used earlier and that still didnt work, not sure what I did wrong again.
  10. Still not correct for some reason, The font should match the logo in the title
  11. @JOHNMD Thanks for your help so far, I tried that and here is what my CSS looks like, and the font is still not showing
  12. @JOHNMD @tuanphan That code is not working, I have tried many different placements and they have not been successful
  13. @JOHNMD And where do I add that? In place of h3 on line 6? Seperate on line 12?
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